Introductions to important things

I want to give everyone some background on where the initial journey began.  It was about 10 years ago.  I was given the audio of a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  This book was the start for me as I had never known that such a thing existed.  The Law of Attraction, what is that all about?  I was slightly confused and just a little bit in aww.  Then I wanted to see what this physic thing was all about. Was it something that I could really believe?  Did it have anything to do with the Secret?  Was there something to any of this?  I had been told about this amazing person who really could tell me things about myself.  Her name was Morrighan Lynne.  (Boy, was that ever a life changing reading. More on that in a later post.)   She told me about the Law of Attraction as told to Esther and Jerry Hicks by Abraham.  THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE!!  I began to believe that I really do attract the things into my life and only I can change what those things are.  If I was looking for bad drivers, then they will come in droves to me. If I was looking for disapproval and misunderstandings, then that is what I would find.   My thought patterns began to change.  Now, I am not going to lie.  This was a hard concept for me to understand.  I had a lifetime of telling myself how unbelievable I was.  That I was a shameful person, that I was not good enough for anything important, ever.  Then suddenly, I started to change my words.  ON PURPOSE.  When driving on the crowded roads and people were being horrible drivers, I noticed that I was really paying attention to them.  Let me tell you when I realized that I was paying more attention to them than all the good things around me I was shocked!!  So, I changed my thoughts.  Now I was saying, “Wow, that person must really need in front of me.  I bet they are late while trying to get their very sick children to the doctor. ” Or I would make up some story to explain their horrible driving.  Guess what happened?  All those horrible drivers literally disappeared!!!  This was my first AHH Hah!! And I began this incredible journey into thought and actions.

Now, this was not a fast process.  For years my motto was Just Believe!  I said this every day, multiple times.  I had signs that said believe.  I had car things that said believe, I wrote it on my bathroom mirror.  I used it for just about everything that I needed a word for.  IT WAS MY MOTTO.  Problem with a motto…you truly must believe that it can happen.  And me in my state of disbelief about myself and everything around me, I was saying the word and doing the very best I could with very limited information.  But, The Law of Attraction got me started. It was my pointer to the direction that I knew I needed to go in my life.  For about 6 years, The Law of Attraction became my beacon.

It’s funny how people come into my life.  One day I was in a Christian book store and they had a rear window hanger.  It was a teardrop with an angel in the middle.  On the outside of the tear drop were the words, “Miracles Happen Just Believe.” This became my next motto.   I bought this and put it in my car.  Little did I know that one of the next people I would meet would give me another huge nudge to move in a more positive direction.  And she would say those words to me and I would start a big metamorphosis.  One that has been filled with lots of counseling, tears, journaling, loss and total acceptance.