The Basics

This is so completely new to me.  I am using this to document my journey to a new me.  I’m going to make this particular post relatively short as I am finding a need to put out a short expectation of what all of you can expect of me.  It has been such a difficult, fun, life affirming one that I can’t wait to share with you.    Some have asked…Why would you do this.  It is very simple really.  I was sound asleep one night and this word came to me.  It said, quite simply…..BLOG….BLOG.  And I kept hearing it over and over again.  When I came to full awareness that is the first word to hit into me.  So after years of ignoring my nudges, my voices and my own intuition, I said, OK…A blog it is.  And here I am.  Sharing my life’s hidden passion and life’s experiences.  Being guided by my Spirits, Guardian Angels or Life Helpers.  I love them so much and life became so much fun when I fully decided to trust them. I will, in this fun little blog,  be as determined as I can to honor all that have assisted me in this journey.  I will also have a page that I will reference some of the books I have read and just basic websites to the people who have been so kind and understanding.  Forgive me if I seem to jump all over the place.  It is after all a Journey.  And sometimes Journeys take me to places that are totally unexpected and so significant that I just have to jump right in and tell you all about them. If my journey resonates with you,  please feel free to send me a note or comment, you can go to the contact page and the message can go directly from there.  And Thank you in advance for following me on this Journey.    And so it now begins.  Watch for improvements along the way.

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